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Posted by S K on

As a millennial who has lived the prime years of their life through a myriad of catastrophic events such as:

The housing market bubble burst in 2008,

September 11th, 2001,


Student debt crisis,

The Great Recession,

Mass shootings all over the country (& was present at the Vegas shooting),

The Iraq War (WMD),

The exponentially rising wealth gap between the ultra wealthy and middle/lower class,

The revelation of our own government spying on its civilians (Patriot Act/Snowden),

A global pandemic that stems from our own funding of gain-of-function research (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)>Wuhan Institute of Virology,

And of course the economy crashing in 2019 + record levels of inflation

You begin to really see how atrocious everything is -- how many lies roll off the lips of politicians, how greedy Wall Street and corporate America really is, and just how disconnected we all are from what the bigger picture in life is.

This blog serves as a timestamp for the countless news headlines and articles that went unnoticed (or was noticed and is now forgotten). We live in a time where information overload is a real thing -- constant data being driven into our brains; misinformation drilled to the point that if anyone were to question the status quo, you are deemed the enemy in this painted picture.

I identify to no political side nor is there anything for me to profit on from this blog -- merely a starting point or pitstop on your research journey.